January 5, 17

I like to hear stories from worlds that aren't my own. Sometimes, when I'm listening, a phrase floats into the air and everything else gets quiet, and it's like the words are glowing. Read More  »

January 3, 17

"We all have a preoccupation with mortality because time is such a limited currency for us. Alongside that, I have to reckon with the reality that as a Black American, my life can be taken from me at any time." Read More  »

December 19, 16

It seems to me that being a public intellectual is crucial these days. Even if it is out fashion, we all have to fight for the freedom of conscience we have taken for granted in this country. We have to speak up as we see the erosion of all we hold...Read More  »

December 7, 16

"I have been on the opposite end of a police officer’s drawn weapon on at least three separate occasions in three different American cities. I can still recall the feel of a pistol pressed against the back of my head..." Read More  »

December 5, 16

"If we have a responsibility as writers—and I’m not sure we do—ours is to see ourselves as clearly as we think we see the world, to, in the pursuit of our craft, pursue a truth that includes ourselves in its scope. Writers tell the truth. Writers...Read More  »

November 21, 16

"Love. I know it's cheesy but I am obsessed with love and how it shapes a reality between two individuals, a reality that others sometimes cannot fully perceive but can sense because of how the lovers' energies interact with one another. I think...Read More  »

November 9, 16

"Claiming poet as one of the many components of my identity allowed me to envision a future where I could center poetry and writing and conversations about both." Read More  »

November 7, 16

"Censorship is not being allowed to speak your language, it is having your mother tongue beaten out of you, it is being told your experiences are worthless because they are not the experiences of those in power." Read More  »

November 1, 16

"The collective purpose of writers might be keep us all sane, generous and accountable." Read More  »

October 25, 16

"What I try to resist is the self-censorship that stops us even trying to write something. That to my mind closes down the possibility too soon. The decision point comes after the writing, not before." Read More  »


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