Mitzi Akaha

United States

English, Japanese

Brian Kanagaki

Mitzi Akaha is a New York-based writer and illustrator. She completed her creative writing honors thesis (pieces of which were awarded and published) at UC Davis under Pam Houston, also studying under the widely anthologized Joe Wenderoth and Yiyun Li. Her studies extended to Japanese language and literature, which she further pursued as a reviewer of Japanese and Japan-related literature for newspapers and magazines in and out of Japan, and as a Japanese-English translator. 

She is the author and illustrator of the graphic novel Kuzu, published in 2015 by Japanese comic book press Big Ugly Robot. "A comics debut of style and confidence," its 44 pen-drawn pages tell the story of Card, an ornithofecal (bird poo) expert on the tiny island nation of Bomei. 

Her full-color 60-page booSo Lo (2014) is the product of years of hand drawing and self-curation (the strictest of all). It comprises portraits of fictional humans, known and reimagined actresses and historical figures as well as self-reflections in English and Japanese.

Also an actress, Mitzi has co-written and acted in a number of short films and is currently developing a webseries to start filming this year.


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