David B. Axelrod

United States

Dr. David B. Axelrod is Volusia County, Florida, Poet Laureate, appointed for a four-year term, 2015-2019. He also served as Suffolk County, Long Island, Poet Laureate from 2007-2009. He is the director of the Creative Happiness Institute in Daytona Beach, Florida (www.creativehappiness.org) where he offers educational  services to the public with funding from the Volusia County Council for the Arts. 

Dr. Axelrod has published in hundreds of magazines and anthologies, as well as twenty-two books of poetry, the newest of which is All Vows: New & Selected Poems . His book, The SPEED Way: Poems about Growing Up with Cars and Racing, has been certified as the only book of poetry entirely about NASCAR, cars and racing.

As co-author and editor of Llewellyn Worldwide's MERLIN STONE REMEMBERED, he is winner of the 2015 Coalition for Visionary Resources COVR Award for non-fiction. The same book is 2014 Florida Book Awards Gold Medal winner for non-fiction.

Raised in Beverly, Massachusetts, Dr. David B. Axelrod, spent forty years on Long Island’s North Shore-where he has raised four chil­dren, sponsored hundreds of writers, performances, conferences and assisted in founding numerous arts and writing groups. In 2010, he moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, where he continues his writing and arts administration activities.

From 1976 to 2009, he directed the nonprofit, educational organization, Writers Unlimited Agency, Inc. (www.writersunlimited.org), for which he continues as Vice President. He is founder and publisher of Writers Ink Press, publisher of nearly fifty titles. He directs 3WS, World Wide Writers Services, an international writers service. 

Dr. Axelrod is a three-time Fulbright Scholar and the first official Fulbright Poet-in-Residence in China. He holds a bachelor's from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a master's from The Writing Seminars at The Johns Hopkins Univer­sity, a master of fine arts degree from The University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, and a doctorate from Union Institute & University.

Poems from his twenty-two books have been translated into fifteen languages, and he has per­formed internationally including at the United Na­tions and for the American Library Association. His CV is available at www.poetrydoctor.org.


Books by Dr. David B. Axelrod are available at http://www.writersunlimited.org/david-axelrod/ in bookstores internationally through Books in Print.


2017 ALL VOWS: NEW & SELECTED POEMS. Nirala Publications, New Delhi, India 

2014 RUSTING: WAYS TO KEEP LIVING. Taylor and Seale, Daytona Shores, FL.

2014 MERLIN STONE REMEMBERED. Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, MN.



2009  HOW TO APOLOGIZE. Paradise Island Press. Okinawa, Japan.

2008  DECIDUOUS POEMS. AhadadaBooks: Ontario, Canada.

2007  THE IMPOSSIBLITY OF DREAMS: New Poems.  AhadadaBooks: Ontario, Canada.  

2005  ANOTHER WAY: Poems derived from the Tao Te Ching. Karma Dog Editions, Boulder, CO.

2001  RANDOM BEAUTY,  New Poems.  Edited by Louis Simpson. Amereon Press: New York.

2001  LOVE IN THE KEYS. Second Edition. Ai Press: Selden, NY.

1994  THE CHI OF POETRY: NEW AND SELECTED POETRY, 1960-1995. Introduction by X. J. Kennedy.  American/People’s Press, Birnham Woods Graphics: Northport, Long Island, NY.

1993  THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE: Poems. Birnham Woods Graphics, Huntington, NY.

1991  LOVE IN THE KEYS: New Poems. Ai Press: Selden, NY.

1989  RESURRECTIONS: New Poems. Bilingual, Macedonian-English.  New World Press: Skopia, Macedonia, Yugoslavia.

1989  A PERPETUAL CALENDAR OF POEMS. Illustrations by Nicolo D’Alessandro.  Bilingual, Italian-English.  Antigruppo Siciliano: Palermo & Trapani, Sicily.

1987  WHITE LIES: New Poems. La Jolla Poets Press: La Jolla, CA.

1986  THE END OF THE UNIVERSE: Surrealistic Poems. CRI Productions: Port Jefferson, NY.

1982  HOME REMEDIES: New & Selected Poems, with introduction by X. J.  Kennedy. Cross-Cultural Communications: Merrick, NY.

1981  THE MAN WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH A CHICKEN: Audio Cassette. Talking Books Series. Cross-Cultural Communication.

1980  THE MAN WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH A CHICKEN: Surrealistic poems. Cross-Cultural Communications.

1979  A MEETING WITH DAVID B. AXELROD AND IGNAZINO RUSSO:  Bio-bibliography & Poems, bilingual Italian-English with artist’s work. Antigruppo Siciliano.

1976  A DREAM OF FEET: New Poems. Cross-Cultural Communications.

1974  MYTHS, DREAMS & DANCES:  New Poems, with introduction by  Michael Atkinson. Despa Press: Northampton, MA.

1972  STARTING FROM PAUMANOK: Five Long Island Poets. Edited and with poems by D. B. Axelrod. Despa Press.

1971   STILLS FROM A CINEMA: second edition. Despa  Press.

1968  STILLS FROM A CINEMA: Poems. Despa Press.





Translation Bibliography

Listed here are the highest level of skills reached in course of study. With one-month of review, I can resume same or higher level of proficiency.

Language                    Speak     Read     Write     Translate

French                         2           1           3               2

German                        3          2            3              3

Italian                           4          3            4              3

Spanish                        4           4            5             5

Yiddish                         2           4            4             3

Hebrew                        4            3           4              5

Macedonian                 4           3           4             3

Serbian                        4            3           4              3

Mandarin                     3             4          2/4*          5

Cantonese                   4             4           5             5

Other language studies: Spanish, Greek, Latin.
Skills: 1= excellent; 2= good; 3= fair; 4= with assistance; 5= unable. *Pin yin, good; few simplified characters; no old style.


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Agent Phone No: 770-842-03224
Public Contact: Dr. David B. Axelrod Director, Creative Happiness Institute, Inc. 1104 Jacaranda Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118 axelrodthepoet@yahoo.com 386-337-4567
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