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Where I'm from / We have little use / For poetry / The old man on the train / Said after asking / What I do for a living and / I told him I worked stock / After a pause / He no longer wanted / To talk More »

A visual spectacle of both the battle cry and the reconnection between outcasts and their criminalized identities. More »

My Maternal grandmother was 6 years old when the 19th amendment passed. Her mother, who was illiterate, wouldn’t get to vote until her daughters brought her to the polls and helped her. More »

I grew up in the deep south during segregation. It was the worst racism and discrimination. But we fought and we didn’t let ourselves become hopeless. More »

I remember that horrible feeling on election night, when it became clear things were rapidly going south. More »

When I lived between boarder patrol checkpoints, no one ever told me to go home. More »

There’s nothing like losing your country when you’re little to help you see NATIONALISM as the strange and unnatural thing that it is. More »

From every corner they emerge, those who want to punish us for simply existing. More »

Is there anyone with any actual power who will stand up for us? Any Republicans with a shred of conscience? Any democrats with a shred of spine? More »

What starts as a memory riff on the kind of punning coincidence that puts the very sleep-deprived into giggle fits … evolves into a powerful meditation on where we drift emotionally, who we become… More »


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